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Page history last edited by webberoo 12 years, 1 month ago

This plugin creates a list of radio buttons. To accomplish this it  utilises the parameter "list" which takes two variables and applies them to your CRUD or page. The "list" parameter needs two variables to return a successfull result. The first variable directly relates to the values inside your database field. The second variable defines the label for each radio button.


For example: db_value: label_value


Heres what it looks like inside a simple yml file



    live: //the name field in db table

        class: RadioGroup //the plugin to call

        params: //call the parameters for class

               list: //create array of radio buttons

                   1: Its Live //create each button example below

                   2: Its not live //value in db: label on form



If you get the horrible “php error undefined index”. It probably means that you have your “value: label”

set wrong.

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